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About HeadStart Consulting

Founded in Shanghai, China in April 2004, HeadStart dedicates on leadership development, coaching and organization effectiveness consulting services for international and local companies. Headquartered in Chicago, HeadStart always keeps itself fully updated with the latest trends in its field - assuring a level of expertise that meets the ever-changing requirements of our clients in today’s global market place.

Our expertise is to release people’s potential and maximize the performance for our clients, thus enable them to keep their competitive edge and achieve the continuous growth in today’s dynamic market. With so many years’ experience, HeadStart thrives on empowering individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve their highest aspirations.

We provide leadership development, organization development, coaching and consulting service to unleash our client’s potential and creativity, to gain knowledge and skills, and to help them transfer what they learn into their work, thus to help them to gain sustainable competitive edge and reach their goals.

In partnership with Erickson Coaching International, the world biggest coaching organization, with 40,000 graduates in 36 countries, HeadStart also conducts the world most recognized ICF accredited coaching program called“The Art & Science of Coaching (TASC)”.With Erickson’s solution focused approach, it is the most effective coaching program that helps you be a coach and do coaching at the same time. We conduct 2 sessions each year, with the participants from top-level management team, most of them from Fortune 500. Meanwhile, we are also the organizer & certification authorityfor 4D Leadership System.

Our clients includes Adidas, Albemarle, APP, AIA, Alston, AIG, BP, Bayer, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Novartis, L’Oreal, Volvo, GE, IBM, Philips, Mary Key, SAP, Siemens, Cargill, AkzoNobel, Kodak, BASF, Lloyd’s Register, Samsonite, Bosch, Sony, Danone, AAM, China Telecom, Pfizer, GE, Saint-Gobain, Maersk, ConocoPhillips, Bunge, Invensys, St. Jude Medical, Ingersoll Rand, Roche, Atlas Copco, Foss, StoraEnso, General Mills, United Technologies, Damco, Continental, Shui On, Rogers, Fellowes, Finisar, Coco-cola, Autoliv, GSK, Waters, HIKVision, Bose, and many others.

Our vision is to commit to creating value and being client’s most reliable strategic partner, and to devote to change the world one conversation at a time!


Outcome Focused and Systemic Coaching for the 21st Century


By Marilyn Atkinson, Ph. D.

It is the world’s most effective coaching program, 4 modules, 16 days, 125 hours, and International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coaching Training Program (ACTP).


This program was developed by Dr. Marylyn Atkinson, and was applied in over 40 countries worldwide, from continent to continent.


About This Program:

ICF Accredited Coach Training Program, designed to build mastery in coaching, The Art & Science of Coaching (TASC) assists people and teams to connect with and to live and work from a place of deep commitment and motivation.

The Art & Science of Coaching is touted as “The Gold Standard of Coaching”. It is ideal for people who want to become life or business coaches and for professionals who want to add exceptional communications skill to their careers.


Course Frame


Day 1: Brain development; scientific base for coaching; how to build rapport
Day 2: Coaching process -Coaching Arrow; system thinking tools; button and miracle questions
Day 3: Coaching position; 3 level of listening skills; value-based self image
Day 4: Link of subconscious and conscious; effective questions skills – as if frame


Day 5: Provide systematic thinking tools to help client find creative solution; 4 quadrant prioritization chart; Disney strategy – generating thinking flame!
Day 6: Stakeholder’s exercise – relationship between you and the work, who you work for?Logic level – exploring the real meaning why you do thing, your identity who you are, what you need to do and how to do it.
Day 7: Mentors Table –finding the resources that you have own and make decision!
Day 8: Mastery Walk – the way to be a hero


Day 9: Overview of Value – discovery of client values; clarification of client value
Day 10: The core outcome exercise and motivation level – how to focus on outcome and take action
Day 11: Human value development level – organization and human’s value level and respective management style
Day 12: Moving beyond changes & objectives – coaching conversation summary


Day 13: Metaprogram – client’s thinking process and strategy; how to do that based on your own situation
Day 14: Client’s time concept – how to create a beautiful “best current choice”
Day 15: Abundance thinking – Everyone has enough resource; success strategy analysis
Day 16: Success – coach certification test


Highlights of This Program:


● International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified
● World class facilitators
● Solution Focus approach
● Erickson's 5 principles in coaching
● Powerful & effective coaching tools
● Real case demonstration on site
● Combination of theories on human development and practice
● Direct application in personal and business life
● Ongoing support and information


This Program Is For:

● Corporates - entrepreneur, businessman, CEO, top management, HR directors and professional, training development professional and organizational development professionals
● Professionals - Consultant, corporate trainers and coaches
● Professionals - education, psychology, law, medical, government and other areas
● People who want to improve their leadership, balance their work and life, make the breakthrough all the time, and look for excellence
About Training Faculty:

Dr. Marilyn Atkinson

Dr. Marilyn Atkinson, founder of Erickson College and originator of the Solution-Focused and Outcome-Oriented Coaching model, actively contributed to the emergence and expansion of Solution-Focused Psychology, NLP, and the development of Meta Program Analysis for effective hiring and managerial approaches worldwide.
As an Industrial Psychologist she honed solution-focused methods for multiple kinds of corporate engagements, making the tools effective and easy for managers to use. She was a dedicated student of Milton Erickson for years and gave his name to Erickson College. She also had the chance to work directly with Fritz Perls, creator of Gestalt psychology.For the past ten years she has been developing both corporate and specialized coach training programs (ICF ACTP The Art and Science of Coaching) that have been taught in over 30 countries.
A former Registered Organizational Psychologist, Marilyn is an NLP Master Trainer and specialist in Ericksonian Communications. She began developing formal business coach training programs in the mid 1990s. Since then she has been helping leading global companies and leaders through Solution- Focused and Outcome-Oriented Coaching methodologies.
Marilyn has produced three books in The Art and Science of Coaching trilogy with Rae T. Chois (Inner Dynamics of Coaching, Step-by-Step Coaching & The Flow of Coaching).


Lynn Skotnitsky, MA

  Lynn Skotnitsky is a Solution-Focused Coach, an adult educator, and a researcher with two decades of experience in development consulting in Canada and abroad. For Lynn, the essence of coaching is supporting people to shift from analyzing problems to focusing their energies on the results they want instead. This applies to supporting an individual on the road to personal mastery, assisting an organization to bond as a community, or empowering a community to draw on the assets of its people.

Lynn has designed and led a variety of workshops, group projects, multi-stakeholder consultations, and planning sessions for organizations, working in areas as diverse as health care, autism training, neighborhood planning, governance, tourism, financial services, cross cultural adaptation, and professional coach training.

Her communication style is energetic, inclusive, creative, compassionate, and fun loving. Participants often emerge from her sessions with fresh insights into their personal learning styles, confidence in newly developed skills, and inspiration that comes from deep engagement with a community of learners.

Lynn’s credentials include a MA in Adult Education, Organization, and Community Development from OISE/University of Toronto, a BA in Sociology/Anthropology from UBC, a Diploma in Business Management from Okanagan University College, and Certificates in Intercultural Communications, Facilitated Planning, and Advanced Interpersonal Mediation. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and has accumulated rich experience in Solution-Focused Coaching from Erickson College/NLP Institute of BC.

Deeply committed to strengthening communities, Lynn has served as a volunteer director on the boards of non-profit organizations and participated in many committees and coalitions working in social innovation.


Kim Leischner, PCC



Kim Leischner is a professional trainer, facilitator, coach and entrepreneur. She has more than 20 years of experience in team facilitation, leadership, human development and experiential education.
She teaches in-person and online coach training programs for Erickson Coaching International as part of their international trainer team. She is passionate about Erickson Coaching programs because of the transformational content in both organizational and individual contexts.


From 2002-2007, Kim was the owner, operator &lead trainer of Dragonfly Limited HK, in Experiential Learning and Leadership Development. Since 2010, Kim is trainer for Erickson College International, delivers ICF Accredited Solution Focused Coach Training in USA, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Estonia & Brazil. She is also the owner, director & Lead Coach, facilitator &trainer in Kim Leischner Consulting from 2009.

Kim possesses various qualifications, such as International Coach Federation, Professional Certified Coach (PCC); International Facilitators Association, Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF); Master of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Erickson College (MNLPP); Certificate in HR Coaching & Talent Management, Erickson College; Certified Business Trainer, Erickson College; The Art & Science of Coaching Certificate; Standing in Contribution: Trainers Training.

Kin is the developer of Erickson College’s “High Performance Team Coaching” ACTP Online training Program; the founder of a successful training company in Hong Kong (founded in 2002 & sold in 2007). Her current company provides personal growth and professional development programs internationally. Past clients include Swire-Coca Cola, Bonaqua, Lexus Nexus, ING, eBay Hong Kong, EPCOS, Integral Training Ltd., and many others.Kim employs a professional, client-centered and outcome-focused approach to all aspects of her work. She uses her knowledge, experience and skills to empower leaders, teams and all people ready to take themselves to the next level.


Barry Switnicki, PCC

Barry Switnicki has been part of the Erickson team since 2007. Not only is he part of the mentor team, he is one of the two primary Module V trainers. He also teaches The Art and Science of Coaching both online and in person in Europe, North and South America and Asia. He has trained and mentored hundreds of coaches both for Erickson College and privately and is also actively involved in training and mentoring mentors, worldwide. Barry also develops and teaches graduate level programsfor coaches and leaders.


Barry has been coaching professionally since 1996 and is both certified by Erickson College, accredited by the International Coach Federation (PCC), Centre for Credentialing and Education (Bcc) and China. He is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Mediator and Negotiator.

Barry has been teaching and mentoring for over 30 years not only in the Human Service sector, but also in more concrete areas such as Emergency Services, trades, and sciences. He draws on an extremely diverse background that includes being a Deputy Fire Chief, Journeyman Electrician, Youth Worker, Youth and Family Mediator, and draws on his experience as both a middle and upper level manager in government, his ten years of non-profit experience and 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. His personal mission is to support people to become more engaged in their life, their community, their country, their world.

Barry possesses various professional qualifications, including ICF Professional CertifiedCoach; Board Certified Coach; Master Certified Life and Business Coach; Erickson Certified Professional Coach; Neural Linguistic Programming Practitioner; Certified Mediator and Negotiator; Restorative Justice Facilitator and Trainer; Children Who Witness Violence Facilitator; Trainer, Prejudice and Diversity- National Coalition Building Institute.


Jo-Ann Harris, MCC

  Jo-Ann Harris is a proud member of both the Erickson College instructing staff and the mentor coach team. As a seasoned training and development specialist, Jo-Ann was introduced to the fascinating world of coaching 12 years ago. With over 15 years experience in management and as a certified training and development professional, she began her coaching career as an internal business coach, working with management professionals and teams in the corporate world. Her interest in the role of professional and personal leadership, and the importance of effective relationships in creating successful organizations, led to her studies in leadership at the Masters level.

During this time, she also became a certified executive coach and enjoyed the opportunity to bring coaching into the world of developmental leadership.

As a professional certified coach with the International Coaching Federation, Jo-Ann was introduced to the Art and Science of Coaching and the solution focused approach – an education that transformed forever the coaching conversations taking place with her clients and within organizations in which she worked.

In 2007 Jo-Ann launched her own business, “Leading Relationships” offering customized instructional design, training and development and coaching services. Jo-Ann has a reputation for helping employees, at all levels in the organization; succeed through building positive and productive relationships both within the organization and with external stakeholders.

Jo-Ann is an established professional speaker with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and a champion public speaker with Toastmasters International. Her expertise in management, training and coaching, and her engaging presentation style creates an educational experience that is certain to improve vital relationships and support employees at all levels as they focus on building relationships, building careers, and addressing business challenges.


Who Should Attend?

● CEO, GM, business leaders
● HR & OD professional, trainers, coaches, and consultants
● Anyone who want to improve his/her leadership and team performance, thus enjoy your better life and professional careers


● English with Chinese translation
Time & Venue
Venue(TBC): Shanghai
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